iPad Pro 2022 You can count on these great features
iPad Pro 2022 You can count on these great features (Source: Apple)

Apple is expected to release the iPad Pro 2022 in the fall of this year. But how will it differ from its predecessor? You can probably count on a number of new and great features. With the following functions, Apple wants to make the decision to upgrade easier for you.

iPad Pro 2022 preview: Three great features and one disappointment

The rumor mill is getting more precise and at this point, we are picking out the features that Apple will most likely introduce with the iPad Pro 2022. It will be the features with which Apple goes on the offensive to catch customers.

Support for MagSafe: So far only the iPhone, the AirPods, and the Apple Watch can be charged wirelessly. The iPad Pro 2022 will probably be Apple’s first tablet to receive such a feature. The specially extended Qi standard – called MagSafe – is of course consistent. In order for this to work, the iPad Pro gets a larger logo made of glass, under which the charging coils are then located.

Our assessment: Certainly not a must, but a logical further development that you would certainly like to take with you.

Better battery mileage: The new iPad Pro should also have a larger battery. There is still enormous potential for improvement, especially when using the Magic Keyboard at the same time. Apple would like to take this into account with the next generation and also improve the running performance of the tablets with a larger battery (source: Apple).

Our assessment: The runtimes are already decent in solo use. But there’s no such thing as “too much” when it comes to the battery. More is always welcome.

What is certain is that iPadOS 16 will already be installed on the iPad Pro 2022:

New chip: The Apple M1 in the iPad Pro is currently a chip whose performance potential not every user will fully exploit. However, this will not prevent Apple from installing the M2, which was presented in June, in the iPad Pro 2022 as expected. The tablet then achieves the performance level of the current MacBook Air.

Our assessment: The peak performance that an M2 allows will probably only be needed by a few professionals at the beginning. In the long run, however, such powerful equipment allows updates over many years. In terms of sustainability for long-term use, therefore, welcome.

Mini LED displays: Here it stays as it is. Only the large 12.9-inch model will continue to have a display with mini-LEDs. The smaller model still has to use the proven LCD technology. ProMotion and thus fast refresh rates of up to 120 frames per second are of course still available on both models.

Our assessment: Rather disappointing and a devaluation of the model with an 11-inch display. Last year when the mini-LEDs were introduced, this separation was still bearable, but not a whole year later. Some iPads are more “Pro” than others, even though they share the same name.

In a perhaps not-so-distant future, the iPad and MacBook could grow closer together:

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